Printing process of the invitation card for A.F.Vandevorst

Printing process of the Christmas card for DRIES VAN NOTEN


A family business, founded more than 100 years ago.
The place to be for high quality and luxury printing matters in small and big quantities.
Tradition and craftsmanship, transmitted by generation to generation, are linked with the newest technologies regarding prepress, offset, typo, embossing and foil printing.
Our passion inspires our customers, because together we can create the impossible …






We offer a range of different printing techniques
and are happy to advise you what is best for your project.
We are accessible to individuals and businesses and graphic arts professionals.


The offset process is currently the major printing process. Its success is due to its flexibility and ability to adapt to a wide variety of products. In addition, this printing process provides quality products at a relatively low cost.

foil printing

This technique transforms your printing matters in real eyecatchers !
There is a choice between metallic colors, matte colors or multi-colors.
Holographic foils can be used for tickets, certificates or safety printing matters.


Thermographic printing is an affordable alternative to blind embossing and engraving. Compared to engraving, which raises the surface of the paper, thermographic printing raises the type or image. Thermographic printing provides prints that have a high-gloss finish and are artfully textured. The printing is commonly used for invitations, letterheads, certificates, business cards, etc.


The vintage look is hot! We grew up with typo and value the “old chic” but also combine this old craft with new designs such as the combination of using big fonts with thick paper. Nowadays many people like the printing to be visibly indented, an effect best achieved on soft paper, especially those made from cotton.


Embossing produces an elegant and detailed raised image on either paper or card. This can then either be left pristine, untouched by ink – blind embossed – or be the basis for a printing process adding colour and detail. Embossing is achieved by pressing the paper or card onto an engraved die.

Debossing is the opposite – pressing paper or card onto an engraved die to achieve an image or letters sunk into the material.

This technique results in a luxurious look of your printing.


If you want a really special and modern effect, have your printed matter edge painted.
The edges of the cards are colored in the desired colors. At the moment, neon colors are the most popular.
These cards prefer a thicker paper type for optimal color rendition.






We are proud to announce the birth of your baby with one of our original cards from our exclusive collection. For 4 generations, we have been making elegant personalized birth cards, with or without handknotted bow. We would like to invite you to come and see this in our store.

We will be happy to help you with your own creations. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

We also have collections from different suppliers. Already curious? Feel free to take a look at BELARTO or BUROMAC.






The classic wedding announcements are very stylish and stay timeless.

We offer them in different types of paper, with or without a hand-scooped edge.

Do you prefer something more modern? By using one of our printing techniques, we undoubtedly create an original result. We also take care of all the accompanying printed matter such as the Save-the-Date cards, the menus, the ceremony booklets and finally the Thank You cards.

A wide choice for inspiration can be seen in our store.

We also realize your own designs. Don’t hesitate to visit us, we are happy to assist you in this.



business cards



The quality of your business card is a reflection of you and your business - It’s a representation of your brand. Express yourself with a luxury business card, it can make the difference at a first impression. The 'final touch' can - by applying one of our printing techniques - be something you are looking for to exude the necessary luxury. Good business cards are good business. They’re an investment, not an expense. The right design and finish can help you stand out and get noticed. Cards are more than just a place to put your contact details – they’re a way for you to promote your company, your products and yourself.



season’s greetings



Impress your business partners or loved ones with our greeting cards.

We offer a wide selection of different collections on display in our store.

Do you prefer something more personal? We are happy to design an exclusive card for your company or association. What better way to share the Christmas spirit than an original card that can be treasured for years to come?






A story of 4 generations


Arthur BAEYENS started in 1912 as lithographer an independent lithographic printing company. He built his house next to the workshop that he opened in 1919, right after the first World War under the name “Papierhandel / Papeterie A. Baeyens - De Ley”.

logo steendruk.gif

After World War II, with the second generation, the company developed into a limited liability company under the name “Steendrukkerij G. Baeyens”.

Later in the 1960s the name was changed into "Baeyens nv", the company name that is still in use..

The third generation implemented new technical processes with the focus on high-end specialization.

The fourth generation matches the solid technical knowledge they acquired with new digital opportunities in order to achieve state-of-the-art printed matter.






baeyens nv

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business hours

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Saturday :
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Also possible by appointment

closure days

Monday 29 July 2019
till Saturday 24 August 2019

Saturday 2 November 2019

Monday 23 December 2019
till Saturday 4 January 2020

During the closure of our holiday there is a continuity of service for birth announcements